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“The strange world of contemporary jewellery would fit perfectly into contemporary art, some day they’ll finally realise this. I just had this big fucking desire to make something big. Objects that are too big to be jewelry. It is more of a challenge to create an object or piece of jewellery that doesn’t follow the rules of concept. Life and art and craft and design. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have to stay within jewellery’s square. In contemporary jewellery you hardly ever see the nasty side of life. People like to match their clothes to their jewellery. An artist keeps my interest when I’m always curious to see what they’ll do next. We would like what fine art offers - better prices, more respect, great gallery and museum spaces. Making work that challenges me so much till I realise I’ve gone full circle. I’m getting sick of making pieces that have meaning.” —Lisa Walker, Wearable

Wearable, published in tandem with an exhibition of Lisa’s work from 2008-2010, is a provocation and a delight. Often using found items and craft materials from hobby shops, her assemblage-style jewelry deals with the history of the craft, her New Zealand identity and time spent studying in Munich. Through selfie-style photographs of her pieces that push the limits of wearability, Lisa “questions and researches what jewellery means and what it could be.”

2011, English
Author: Lisa Walker
Published by: Braunbook Publications (Germany)
Hardcover, 12.2” x 8.6”, 102pp, full color


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