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Viscose Journal #2, "Clothes"

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“Below and beyond the obvious signification of clothes lies the deeper and vaster field that marks acts of choice, desire, (self-) identification, and the very ritual of dress, and these lenses must be incorporated into a more intimate study of clothing as a sculptural material. However, the eternally ambiguous and irrational nature of dress must always be accounted for in a study of clothes: it reminds us that the play with fixed meanings, the rejection of permanent representation, is the ultimate act of freedom.” —Jeppe Ugelvig, “Outfitting as Assemblage,” Viscose 2

VISCOSE, Issue 2, “Clothes” takes a turn from Issue 1’s focus on the immaterial notion of “Style” to focus on the material reality of "Clothes." This edition comes with a new format and binding method, and features a cloth garment “care label” sewn to the outer front and back covers. Featuring articles with Novella favorites such as Laura Gardner, Femke de Vries, Dal Chodha, Tenant of Culture and others, this issue asks, “What knowledge can we gather from the studying of fashion objects, be they material or immaterial? What is the difference between clothes and fashion? And to which extent is even “fashion" ever successfully signified by things?”

2021, English
Published by: JEUG (Denmark)
Softcover, 6.6” x 8.2”, 176pp, full color, outer "care label" wrap cover


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