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Source Materials Zine Necklace

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This wearable zine was published on the occasion of SOURCE MATERIALS, a weekend long pop-up jewelry event at FARIS, in Seattle, WA of Spring 2022. This event featured a selection of jewelry, fashion and art publications, along with reading tools curated by Novella.

For each Novella pop-up we try to publish an artwork and/or zine that encapsulates the collaboration/conversation. In keeping with the theme of jewelry and fashion publishing, it felt right to make something that could be worn, and also read.

This zine is strung on a leather cord and hangs on a silver ring, and features:

  • “What We Talk About When We Talk About Jewelry,” a Valpak-style essay reflecting on the ornamental nature of jewelry copy, by Nate Hoe.
  • “Works in Progress: A Studio Visit With Faris Du Graf,” a poster-word-picture-tour of Faris’ jewelry workspace in Interbay, Seattle.
  • Faris Du Graf & Abigail Buzbee’s Reading Lists.
  • A Novella Bookmark.
  • A "hag" stone


2022, English
Publisher: Novella
Matte, gloss and vellum papers strung on leather cord, silver metal ring, stone


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