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Mode & Mode 7

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Mode and Mode is a shape-shifting periodical focusing on printed matter in fashion practice. Taking on different forms and binding styles to suit the various interviews conducted on print based projects, Mode and Mode aims to “reflect on the role of print...and publishing to disrupt or propel fashion narratives.” Each issue takes the form of a periodical and collaboration between editor Laura Gardner and designer Karina Soraya with each issue singularly exploring a fashion publishing subject.

Mode and Mode 7, titled ‘D&K LOOKBOOK 2019’ presents an anthology of text works and biographical listings of key D&K (Ricarda Bigolin and Nella Themelios) projects from 2012 to 2019. This issue of Mode and Mode was conceived as a companion publication to D&K LOOK BOOK 2019 by Ricarda Bigolin, published by Surpllus press.

2019, English
Published by: Laura Gardner and Karina Soraya in collaboration with Surpllus press
Softcover, 27.1cm x 20.7cm, 70pp, full color and b+w


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