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Garments Without Bodies

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"As a part of Bodies Making Meaning, an ongoing research project and practice on the position and value of the body in the fashion system, Chet Bugter explored the phenomenon of “garments-without-bodies”. These “empty” garments appear as ghosts, void of flesh: roaming through the fashion magazine, left behind by the rapid trend-cycle of the fashion system, looking for bodies that can inhabit them." —Amsterdam Warehouse

This zine features a selection of scans from fashion magazines that Chet Bugter—an activist, artistic and embodied researcher, writer and educator—has acted upon. Cut out portions reveal spreads where only garments and voids remain. Through the gaps and erasures of bodies, what new narratives might emerge from this re-reading of fashion media? A fold out poster of collaged garments is included.

2019, English
Publisher: Chet Bugter (self published)
Softcover, 15pp, 148 mm x 210 mm and 297 mm x 420 mm, full color, elastic band


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