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Fat Belly Boy Booklet

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“This publication is part of BODIES MAKING MEANING: an ongoing research-project and practice that I started in 2018, in which I utter a cry of resistance against a fashion system that holds onto rigid, binary gender codes and that denies the power and value of the body that is found at its core.” —Chet Bugter, Fat Belly Boy Booklet

Fat Belly Boy Booklet is a publication produced by Chet Bugter, an activist, artistic and embodied researcher, writer and educator. Fat Belly Boy Booklet is part of Chet’s ongoing project utilizing “selfies as self love praxis” in which Chet takes selfies in various poses and positions, and uploads them to Instagram as a way to reflect on the perception of bodies in relation to our heavily stylized digital surroundings.

2020, English
Author: Chet Bugter (self published)
Softcover, 11.5” x 5.75”, 25pp, full color, silver metal clip keeper


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