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Fashion Work

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“Ultimately, this book posits that if the practice of fashion is understood as the art of consumer capitalism, it also serves as a particularly ideal practice for a new kind of cultural critique, one that implicates and positions itself at the very center of the socioeconomic and political discourse of global consumerism (as opposed to the gilded halls of autonomous art history) and engages its ever-shifting forms of production.” —Jeppe Ugelvig, “Introduction,” Fashion Work

In this unprecedented volume, the New York– and London-based critic and curator Jeppe Ugelvig recounts a little-explored history of art/fashion hybridity through the genre-defying practices of Bernadette Corporation, Susan Cianciolo, BLESS and DIS, exploring their experimental approaches to fashion production between the art and fashion worlds in a time of radical societal change.

2020, English
Author: Jeppe Ugelvig
Published by: Damiani (Italy)
Softcover, Size, 192pp, full color


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