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Dictionary Dressings

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“In fashion, text is mostly implemented after the piece of clothing is created or produced, as a tool to reflect upon, describe and construct the value of a fashion or fashioned object (in fashion magazines for example). In Dictionary Dressings, text is used as a starting point, not to describe or reflect but to initiate and activate. As such the act of reading is directly implemented as a form of production.” —”Introduction,” Dictionary Dressings

Dictionary Dressings focuses on the literal interpretations of dictionary definitions of garments to expose the gaps between a garment’s intended use, and its value as an object of fashion. 

2016, Dutch & English
Author: Femke de Vries
Published by: Onomatopee (Netherlands)
Softcover, 11.6” x 8.3”, 392pp, full color & b+w


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