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Archive Species

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“By connecting fashion photographs to theoretical texts but also news images, they become significant as parameters of ‘modern’ behavior. We read them as fossils of graphic production; although embedded in the past, they point forward to conditions of contemporaneity.” Joke Robaard & Camiel van Winkel, “Introduction,” Archive Species

A hefty volume that analyzes Robaard’s extensive collection of fashion print media, spanning from the 1970s to now. Robaard and Winkel seek to find a way of “undoing categorization” of this archive, focusing not on the semiotics of fashion but instead on the gradual shifts in human behavior, presentation and habits of dress. This title features essays by both authors that expound on their research methods, along with their assemblage of torn images from fashion magazines, loosely organized by similar subject matter, prop, pose and location. A “Social Fabric Glossary” of fashion phrases and terms—along with quotes from key sources that informed their research—concludes the publication.

This title was selected as one of The Best Dutch Book Designs of 2018


2018, English
Author: Joke Robaard & Camiel van Winkel
Published by: Valiz (Netherlands)
Softcover, 8.5”x11”, 488pp, full color with b+w sections



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