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An Unreliable Guidebook to Jewellery

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“You just gotta go blah, fuck, and then some good things can start to happen in the work.” Lisa Walker, An Unreliable Guidebook to Jewellery

What is jewelry? This question is the beating heart of the work of Lisa Walker, shown here in a small, brick-ish tome featuring all of her collected writings on jewelry to date, along with a chronological photographic archive of her pieces. Three threads of text run through the publication: Lisa’s own commentary on her practice, questions posed by the publisher to Lisa, and her responses. These texts sometimes overlap and sometimes reference each other, posing the idea of an artistic process as non-linear, but instead an infinite loop of reference and resurrection.


2021,English, 2nd ed.
Author: Lisa Walker
Published by: RMIT Design Hub Gallery, RMIT University and Perimeter Editions (Australia)
Softcover, 5.25”x7.5”,600pp, full color


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