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A Magazine Curated By: Maison Margiela, Ltd Ed Reprint

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“I had heard of a fashion designer, Martin Margiela, who had made a fashion show on a parking lot with loud rock music. Intrigued by such an unexpected kind of underground action in the 1980s, years of total conformity, I went to the showroom where I was received by press attaché Else Skälvoll, who showed me the collection.” —Marina Faust, “Works by Marina Faust,” A Magazine Curated By N1, Maison Martin Margiela

This limited edition reprint of the original, coveted 2004 edition of A Magazine curated by Maison Martin Margiela is like sitting down at a (albeit very fashionable) family reunion. True to the brand’s name, the whole maison, or “house,” is here, sharing their connection with the brand’s past and future. Featuring contributions from a plethora of stylists, photographers, designers and musicians that have touched and shaped Maison Margiela in various ways, this magazine functions as a generous and hospitable attempt at showcasing the world—the people, the garments—of Margiela, all while keeping the notoriously reclusive designer shrouded behind a veil—a veil of Margiela’s signature white.


2021, English
2nd ed. 
Published by: A Publisher BVBA (Belgium)
Softcover with vinyl cover sheet, 9”x11.5”, 208pp, full color, features 1 of 6 limited photo prints inserted in each copy.


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