SourceMaterials at Faris

SourceMaterials at Faris

SOURCE MATERIALS was a pop-up shop that marked our creative collaboration with jewelry designer Faris Du Graf at her eponymous shop FARIS in Seattle, March 2022. 

This pop-up started as a conversation between two makers: if Novella and Faris were to do an event together, what would it communicate about our respective practices of jewelry, garment making and publishing? Could we integrate the soft stuff of fabrics and papers with the solid materials of jewelry & sculpture?

This dialog led to the concept of a shared library made up of our favorite fashion, jewelry and reference books. In addition, we specifically chose to highlight a selection of publishing that placed jewelry at the forefront. These works spanned the breadth of jewelry publishing, ranging from the humble how-to guide to conceptual artist-book.

Many of these publications questioned the traditional jewelry “recipe”—precious materials, wearability, and relation to the body. Some focused on the history of the craft while others were concerned with its future, but all encouraged the reader to more deeply engage with the materials that make up their environment.

In keeping with the theme of jewelry and fashion publishing, we collaborated with Faris to concept a series of wearable bookmarks made from reclaimed materials from her line of jewelry. This event also featured the debut of SOURCE MATERIALS: A Zine, a wearable collection of images and writing on jewelry, that we made in collaboration with Faris Du Graf, writer Nate Hoe and designer Ryan Hunt.

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